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Stéphanie Marie

Stéphanie Marie

With her strong entrepreneurial spirit, diverse digital knowledge, and extensive data experience, Stéphanie Marie manages both business transformation and the Group’s data practices. The Group’s business transformation plan seeks to optimize the management of teams, technology, and workflows.

Before her appointment as Chief Transformation Officer, Stéphanie became the head of the digital specialties group in 2013 and ran the specialties group in France. She initiated the creation of Affiperf in 2008 and Socialyse in 2010, followed by both Mobext and Ecselis in 2014.

In 2004, Stéphanie was Associate Director of the agency Devarrieux Villaret. In 2000, she launched The Value System, the first agency to launch a tool that measured the impact of marketing and communication campaigns. In 1997, she launched Strategem, a developer of decision-making solutions in marketing and communication.

Stéphanie began her career in the field of data. She worked in market research for TNS Sofres (Kantar) and in the Unilever studies department.

Stéphanie graduated from the Rouen Business School, with a specialization in marketing analysis and decisions. Based in Paris, she frequently runs marathons and enjoys going to rock concerts with her two teenage daughters.

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