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Quentin Moreau-Defarges

Quentin Moreau-Defarges

Quentin Moreau-Defarges is Head of Creative Strategy North America at Gameloft. He is a “geek” at heart, passionate about the evolution of the entertainment industry and more broadly, how digital innovations are opening new and unexpected paths for storytelling.

Previously leading Gameloft’s in-house ad creative agency, and having worked in video game production, Quentin has acquired both technical and creative expertise, that he is now bringing to North America to conceive high-level activations for Gameloft clients.

Quentin first joined Gameloft South East Asia in 2010 as a Producer working on porting various first and third party titles for multiple OEM and platforms. Having the opportunity to move through several production departments, studios, and positions, Quentin ended up leading Gameloft’s first and only in-house creative agency in 2016.

For over 2 years, he had the chance to lead 100+ talented people, from unique backgrounds and distinct nationalities, each making their own contribution to the success of almost a thousand digital campaigns! Proud to have been part of these endeavors, Quentin has now relocated to Toronto to help spur the movement forward in North America.

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