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Marion Mangold

Marion Mangold

Before Havas, she worked on Deutsche Telekom at DDB Tribal in Hamburg, tried a smaller branding agency and spent some time surf traveling and freelancing. Her passion for surf does not only stay on the hobby side of things. Marion branded and marketed a new surf school on Fuerteventura (Spain) that was featured in the Spanish Vogue as ‘the coolest surfcamp in Spain’ – quite a proud moment for her! As a strategist, she knows much about many things and has developed quite a skill in grasping complexities, simplifying them and generally getting into new things quickly. Her design thinking formation is present in her approach to strategy – always putting user needs first and questioning whether the output we produce is relevant and meaningful to people. When she is not working she is traveling (often to a sunny place surfing) and she intends to keep her childhood goal to speak as many languages as possible as well as possible. So far she has two fluent, two “I get what you’re saying” and two “just a little bit” – so she is getting close 😉

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