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Lennie Stern

Lennie Stern

After having worked for Y&R, DDB, and Fred&Farid, Lennie joined entertainment agency Dare.Win in 2015 as Associate Managing Director. At Dare.Win Lennie was in charge of different projects such as Netflix, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Paramount, Fox, Universal, Arte, Warner, and Redbull to name a few. In her current role at BETC, her job is to help clients deploy creative entertainment strategies, as well as, different types of branded content, brand entertainment, storytelling, product placement, brand endorsement, immersive experiences, emotional activation, influencer partnerships and more. Lennie’s work covers a wide spectrum – from web-series, concerts, and short-films to video games and probably things you haven’t heard of yet.

Find out more on her website: www.tufaisquoilennie.com

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Make ’Em Laugh

Make ’Em Laugh

BETC Paris’ Lennie Stern argues that achieving the right balance between emotional clues and informative content leads to effectiveness.

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