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Kristen Ziaks

Kristen Ziaks

Kristen is a VP of Communications Strategy at Havas Media, working across a variety of accounts including Tracfone and Puma. During her 13+ year career her experience has given her a breath of exposure with developing fully integrated campaigns across categories including CPG, QSR, Pharma and Automotive.  Prior to joining Havas, Kristen was a Communications Strategy Director at Droga5, helping to infuse media strategy within the creative process.  In this increasingly fragmented landscape, she has a passion for connecting the dots between message and medium, developing engagement strategies centered on the consumer experience.

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Key Takeaways From Business Insider's 'IGNITION: Redefining Retail' Event

Key Takeaways From Business Insider's 'IGNITION: Redefining Retail' Event

Havas Media’s VP Director of Communications Strategy Kristen Ziaks shares her insights from the publication’s first Ignition event of 2020.

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