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Jason Jercinovic

Jason Jercinovic

Jason Jercinovic is a leader in the art of using artificial intelligence to develop innovative strategic solutions. Most recently he has been focused on the ethics of AI and the growing imperative we all have to use cognitive to enable human-focused outcomes.

For the past five years, Jason has headed the New York office of Havas (as president) and is now in a global position, focused on scaling and deploying innovation across its network. In his 20+ years working in digital, traditional and integrated strategy, he has always shown deftness in the use of technology to market services and brand.

Jason also leads Havas Cognitive, a partnership with IBM that aims to transform large organizations by improving consumer experience and creating more meaningful, smarter connections.

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Ethics of AI in Advertising Robot

Ethics of AI in Advertising

There's a right and a wrong way to use artificial intelligence.

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